The Brewing Storm (flash story)

This is the first of the third set of adventures of Karamus as told by an older and more bitter version of himself in a semi-journal format. These are written for fun so enjoy.


The old cansin looked over his shoulder as he opened the door to the bedroom back at the tiefling as she slept soundly. He exited the room and made his way down the hallway back to the den where he went through the desk and found an old book which he blew the dust off of. He then settled down in the chair and opened it up, “There has to be something here about that blasted group below Cauldron…” he mutters and began to read.

Well, we finally have gotten back to Cauldron from our little adventure to Sigil and I must say, it is different now that my sister is here. My long journey to set her free has been finished and I suddenly find myself without a goal. Well, there is the Silver Phoenix still and their goal to stop the city from being destroyed and their souls enslaved and such. I figured, what the hell, these guys certainly bring a ton of money my way.

So after settling back in, we got a summons from Tyro the dwarf merchant wanted to see us about a job that he needed done. All hush-hush and such. So me and the boy went back to the group, picked them up and headed off to talk to a dwarf. I’m starting to get annoyed by dwarves.

Turns out Tyro was actually Meerthan in disguise. I need to remember to talk with him about his choice of disguise and how dwarves aren’t the best option to go with. Anyhow, he explained a chap named Fario had been spying and got pinched and was now being interrogated by the Last Laugh. I couldn’t help but show my joy at the news of this event. I can strike at the Last Laugh Guild and get paid? How does this get any better?

Naturally the group agreed to free Fario before he coughed and headed out to the safe house that he was being held in. We argued for a bit on the best way to get the poor bastard out and settled on the magical recon first. Bransen used his locate object spell to narrow down the search and then Greymouse peaked inside his brain…er, used his brain to peek inside the house. I don’t know what the frak he does honestly. He could have been mentally undressing all of us…no, no no…damn, didn’t want that imagine in my head at all.

Back to the topic at hand. Greyrat stated that he could produce a doorway into the room that had Fario in it. We all agreed and got ready. He then mentally produc…ah gods damn it. We teleported into the sodding room where we caught the woman by surprise and convinced her at my sword point that it was a good idea to surrender which she was all to happy to agree to.

With Fario and the lady in tow, we made our way back to Meerthan who was happy and shocked that we had completed the task so quickly. Fario then explained that some sort of meeting was going down at House Rhiavadi and all of the big players were going to be showing up. So naturally in our desire to…help…people, we agreed to figure out what was going on at the meeting. Yeah, and guess who got stuck with the stake out duty? Yeah, me.

So I spent half the day sitting on a rooftop scooping out the building. The damn thing was a fortress with hundreds of little security features that would make a shadow agent blush with envy. Not that I blush… shut up. The point being that the only way inside, frankly, was to kick in the front door after having waded through a score of half orc mercenaries. So Greyhampster did his mental peek-a-boo thing again and that’s when the whole mess became clear. All of the big wigs in the city with a black heart were at this meeting and they wanted to make sure that their final event was going to go off without a problem. And that meant putting a stop to the one group stupid enough to throw wrenches. Which meant that everyone we had messed with from start till now was at the meeting and all of them had business with us and it was now open season on all silver phoenixes. I just got off the damn dead book. I don’t need to get back into it just yet.

My second thought was that of my sister and how she needed to get clear of the city in a hurry. Oh yeah, and that group of squatters too. We got them ushered off to an inn with a monkey and then decided that we should go chat up the one guy who wasn’t at the meeting, the mayor. Time to shake up the politics.


Karamus set the book down for a moment and pondered the events involving Vhalantru so many years ago and the situation that he was in now. Someone was after him and it was connected to those events. If only he could put the two together. He shook his head slowly and rubbed the bridge of his nose as he thought. With no new revelations, he popped open the diary again and went to the next entry.


We arrived at Vhalantru’s manor with no problems, like anyone in this city could stop us anyway. A quick knock by Jarvyk at the door proved useless. Imagine that. It was Greymouse that actually sprung into action, using his mind powers to look into the house to find Vhalantru. Still creeps me out when he does that. But imagine the potential in the hands of a master rogue. Devastating thought isn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too. Anyhow, he relayed to us that he saw a doppelganger in the main room on the third floor and some baby beholders on the second. Jarvyk finally got over himself about breaking and entering when he realized we didn’t have to break anything to get inside. Mind power dimension door. Still a cool idea I say.

Once we teleported inside, I went to stab the thing with Daystar but the sodding thing dodged it, while I was invisible. Inconceivable. No matter though, Greyrat was quick to dominate his mind like a puppet master, which brought about a round of interrogation with someone forced to talk to us. I was so disappointed. No torture, no breaking finger bones, no suffocation, no sleep deprivation, no fun. At least it was quick. We found out that Vhalantru hired Gortio the doppelganger a few years back to do some work, and with a wicked sense of humor, used a ritual to bind the soul of a demon to Gortio. Currently Vhalantru, as Gortio explained, was in Oblivion attempting to do the same thing to himself but with a more powerful demon. Moron. I mean really, why bind your soul to a demon? The side effects, as Gortio displayed, would be just bad. I say just go find a succubus and a warm bed. So much more fun unless you get the filth, and then it isn’t so much fun.

He told us that the entrance was below the mansion, and since we pretty much got what we needed, we told him to stay put and then teleported down stairs. The damn mind bender screwed up and put us right on the damn stairway, right in view of the baby beholders and the half orcs. Moron. So we ended up in a fight where Ashton had a bone to pick… Get it? Necromancer? Bones? Sigh, forget it.

He was attacked by like 10 of those baby beholders. They threw a lot of magic at him but couldn’t finish him off, and all they ended up doing was making him mad. So as Jarvyk and I fought the two half orcs at the first floor, Ashton threw a fireball at the closely grouped beholder babies and fried them like catfish. Naturally, nothing goes easy for us as the explosion brought out the other ten guards on the ground floor. All I had to do was pretty much sit in one spot and let them run by one by one as I stabbed them dead. Oh yeah, Jarvyk helped too.

With the guards dead, we moved on into the wine room which had some really good old wine and a secret door down into the depths of Oblivion. I had some wine first and then went through the door to a hole in the flood that led down. After a short rope climb down, I came face to face with three zombies. Not thinking much of it, I began to attack them as the rest of the group climbed down the rope. Then Jarvyk joined the fight. After we dropped the first zombie, it exploded. That was a first for me. Then it transformed into a demon. Another first for me. All the better though as I could actually stab their kidneys and actually cause them pain. Zombies just don’t give the same expression of absolute horror when they get shived. A shame really.

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