Building a Story VII

This is the seventh blog in an ongoing series of designing a story using my writing process so others can get an in-depth look of the process in action. As before, this process works for me. If you find something you like, use it. I won’t even ask for credit.


In the last blog, we covered the creation of our third paragraph where the story cranks up the suspension and action while our marines discover the true monster of the station. Our next paragraph will focus on the discovery that was made in our last paragraph and provide a revelation that will then direct us towards our upcoming conclusion.

Human or Monster?

So at this point, our squad of marines and the doctor have discovered that not everything is as it seems on the research station. This paragraph should hunker down and focus on this new idea. Since our marines already have a doctor, it would be too easy and short for the doctor to just explain everything. Besides, wouldn’t he have done that from the get go once the creatures attacked? Since that would be a rather big plot hole, we need to give a reason for the doctor to not know what the creatures actually are. The first thing we have going for us is that this project is a black book project so secrecy is everything. The doctor doesn’t know what the creatures are because he doesn’t have the clearance for it. Maybe he can be a geneticist which would give him a background in understanding what is going on.

At this point in the story, our marines are cut off and fighting off aliens. When the doctor says that he can find out what is going on so the marines know what they are fighting, our marines jump at the chance. The group makes a side trip to the computer data core. Again, this is probably to easy so since our doctor didn’t have clearance to know what these creatures were to begin with, he shouldn’t have access to the collective data either. It will be the job of the tech savvy marine of the group to hack the computer, because marines in the future would always have a tech savvy person on their squad. It just makes logical sense.

During the hacking of the computer, however, our squad is attacked by the creatures. Since I love to pile on the problems, we will kill off the doctor here so he can’t go into detail on what the creatures are. As to not leave our marines completely up a creek without a paddle, the squad combat medic takes a look over the data and figures out some of the details, enough to move our plot along and reveal the big secret.

Now I need to make a decision on what these creatures are and what the background is. The marines won’t figure it all out, but I need to know as the author what the details are so they can be presented in an organized manner. I won’t go over the whole process I went through to figure this out as I had to think about it for a couple of days. What I settled on was that this black project was about creating alien human hybrids to creature a kind of super soldier to fight the alien threat to the human race. The project got out of control and the original aliens got loose as well as the hybrids.

Our marines find out that the project is about a genetically created creature from an alien species that is mad as hell and looking for payback. At this point, we then drop the hammer on our poor marines. Rustovich, our wounded marines from the first fight with the hybrids finally dies. He then suddenly wakes up as a hybrid and attacks our marines who are forced to put him down. This gives the final clue on the hybrids. Anyone they bite will be genetically mutated into a hybrid. The squad realizes why there have been so many creatures on the station. The crew of the station must have been infected by the original hybrid and became hybrids themselves. That would mean that there are hundreds of hybrids on the station. Oh boy.

Now that the secret is out, our marines have some decisions to make as we build towards the climax of our story. Here is how our paragraph turned out:

Dr. Carr urges the squad to stop on deck 9 so he can access the research data cores that contains all of the collected data on the creatures. While in Lab 95, the doctor downloads the data and the group is ambushed by species 52 and the doctor is killed and then it flees. The squad inspects the data and finds out that the species are genetically manipulated aliens as part of Project White Lance. Rustovich finally dies from his wounds and awakens as a mutated alien/human hybrid. He is then killed by the squad. The squad realizes that the station crew must have been mutated as well which means that there could be hundreds of hybrids on the station.

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