Building a Story VIII

This is the eighth blog in an ongoing series of designing a story using my writing process so others can get an in-depth look of the process in action. As before, this process works for me. If you find something you like, use it. I won’t even ask for credit.


In the last blog, we covered the creation of our fourth paragraph that focused on the revalation of what our monsters are. As this is the last paragraph, we now need to wrap everything up and finish out our story.

Mad Dash to the Finish Line

We have now reached the end of our story. It is the final push, our climax and fallout of everything that our poor marines have gone through just to survive. To write the final part of the book, I need to figure out how I want it to end first and then build towards that.

Ending a book is always a hard thing to figure out. Readers tend to have high expectations for stories. Your average person these days is pretty smart at figuring out plot holes and bad endings to a story. The trick is to find a satisfying ending that you and your reader will be happy with, but understanding that you can’t please everyone.

I went around and around for awhile on how to end this story and ultimately decided to let the marines escape and blow up the station against orders, but leave a twist at the end where some aliens still get away unknowingly. This gives our marines some closure to the story and nightmare that they just went through. They survived to tell their story and face the consequences for disobeying orders. The stowaway on the ship allows for a continuation of the story should I ever want to continue it.

So how do we get to our ending and make an exciting climax? Well, the first step is to heighten the situation at hand. Our marines are currently headed to the Command and Control center on the station to meet up with their Commanding Officer and regroup. To achieve this, Squad 1 checks in after finding our their big discovery with their CO to find out that they have been overrun. The squad must then change plans and head to the airlock in an attempt to escape.

Upon reaching the airlock, we need to have our big end of story fight scene. What should they fight? Well, our marines having been fighting hybrids this whole time so we need something a bit more frigthening. We can use the foreshadowing we implanted earlier with the turning of one one of the marines for this fight. This time, however, a whole squad has been mutated into hybrids and they have machine guns and military tactics. It is a drag out fight at the airlock for survival. A few more marines die here, but our squad defeats the hybrid marines just as the CO and his remaining men arrive.

With our big battle over, we need to wrap everything up. Our marines find that the airlock to the TCD Austin is already open (more on this in a moment) and make their on board. At this point, our marines have a decision to make. Their orders are to leave everything intact, but the hybrid is a serious threat to mankind if it ever got off the station. This comes down to an arguement that ultimately leads to the marines blowing up the station. I’m not sure at the moment if I want it to be a mutiany moment between the marines and the navy crew of the destroyer. I think I will decide that when I get to that point in the story to see how the characters have developed and let that dictate that decision.

After destroying the station, our marines get to go home. Happy ending though? A nice short epilogue to our story shows that speciman 52 has slipped onboard the ship and waits quietly in the cargo hold for its time to strike.

And that’s it! Our full write up of our story is finally finished. From this point you could write out a chapter outline if you like so you have even more structure, or just go straight into the story. Before jumping into actually writing the story, we will need to design our characters and give them life. Sounds like another blog to me.

Here is our last paragraph.

The squad is unable to reach the command deck and coordinates with the captain to meet at the space dock to the TCD Austin. Squad 1 makes their way to the docking hatch where they encounter mutated members of Squad 2 and are forced to put them down. Barrington is killed in the fight. The squad defends the position until the captain and his squad arrives. The group boards the TCD Austin and then decides to destoy the space station to keep the hybrids from escaping. Deep within the cargo hold of the TCD Austin, both species 52 specimens hide and wait.


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