In the Shadow of a Star Draft

Only a quick note today as real life demands my attention right now. First off, I will collecting all of the Building a Story blogs and putting them together on their own page for easy navigation. Secondly, I wanted to put all of the paragraphs that we built together so it can be reviewed in one spot.

In 2543, CFMC is ordered by the Ministry of Defense to investigate Hydra Corporation research space station HC-456 Mendel orbiting the planet Omega 692 in the Vega sector. The station sent out a distress signal two weeks ago on the aether about a loss of containment and hostiles breaching the complex. The MOD believes that insurgents from the Pegasus Republic are responsible for the attack. The company is ordered to investigate the station, rescue survivors, and eliminate any hostiles present. Delta Company (Hellcats) board the TCD-112 Austin, a Mars class Destroyer. The trip will be two weeks and seven jumps through aether space.

The TCD Austin docks with the seemingly deserted station after not being able to scan the station. Three squads of the platoon spread out and sweep through several decks, which are deserted, to the Command and Operations deck where they establish a command post. Two squads are ordered to sweep the rest of the station to find survivors and report contact with Pegasus hostiles. 1st squad makes their way to the outer laboratory deck of the station on deck 13 where they find  a scientist, Dr. Walter Carr, who is hiding from what he calls specimen 52. On their return sweep to the CNC, there is a hull breach and the main lift and stairwell is destroyed. The group then has their first encounter with species 52. Sergeant Rustovic is injured during the fight.

The squad reports their situation and finds out that the command center has been attacked by an unknown species. Squad 2 is also cut off in the crew quarters on deck 6. First Squad is ordered to return to the command deck to regroup. The squad makes their way from deck to deck while dodging attacks by species 52. The doctor explains that there are two specimens, but the creatures that have been attacking them are not one of the specimens. Daniels and Wells are killed during the fighting. Rustovich gets sick from his wounds.

Dr. Carr urges the squad to stop on deck 9 so he can access the research data cores that contains all of the collected data on the creatures. While in Lab 95, the doctor downloads the data and the group is ambushed by species 52 and the doctor is killed and then it flees. The squad inspects the data and finds out that the species are genetically manipulated aliens as part of Project White Lance. Rustovich finally dies from his wounds and awakens as a mutated alien/human hybrid. He is then killed by the squad. The squad realizes that the station crew must have been mutated as well which means that there could be hundreds of hybrids on the station.

The squad is unable to reach the command deck and coordinates with the captain to meet at the space dock to the TCD Austin. Squad 1 makes their way to the docking hatch where they encounter mutated members of Squad 2 and are forced to put them down. Barrington is killed in the fight. The squad defends the position until the captain and his squad arrives. The group boards the TCD Austin and then decides to destoy the space station to keep the hybrids from escaping. Deep within the cargo hold of the TCD Austin, both species 52 specimens hide and wait.

Next time, we will go over some basic character generation for our marines to give some meat to this story. Until then, enjoy and keep writing.


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