The Perfectly Flawed Hero

There are two types of heroes, our perfect heroes and our flawed heroes.

We all have our childhood heroes that have made us what we are today. From some it is their mother, a caring and nurturing figure that shows them how to be compassionate in a world that just doesn’t give a damn anymore. For others it’s their father, a strong figure that shows them how to be tough and a protector of those who need it. Maybe it is even a sibiling, a cousin, or a grandparent. Maybe it was even a hero from a book, a movie or a cartoon. The point being, we all had someone or something that we looked up to as a kid that we strived to emulate. These heroes are perfect heroes. Perfect heroes don’t exist except in the eyes of children. For children, and I’m sure you can relate when you were a child, your hero was ten feet tall, stronger than Superman, smarter than Einstein, and more handy than MacGyver. Those heroes aspire us to be great and do something great with our lives.

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