So things look a little different around here.  It has been a rough couple of months with the passing of my father to lung cancer and with that a reexamination of my life. I am so much more than writer and seeing that I am still in the stages of being a new fledgling writer, I have kind of run out of things to blog about. Why should this blog be so narrow focused? The short answer is that it shouldn’t! Long ago I embraced my geek inner self and I see no reason that I cannot put it on full display. Besides, if you know the author from aspects other than writing, you may gain a deeper insight as to how or why I write the way I do. It’s time to examine the geek side and embrace how awesome it is. The old high school stereotype couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m more than just a writer. I am a geek.

What use to be Chronicles of a Writer has now become Geekology.

So declarations aside, a blog still needs structure. As fun as it might be to just blog about random geeky things, chaos would most likely follow. A disorganized mess of random topics is hard to follow and has little consistency that would keep readers coming back for more. With that in mind, I plan to (more or less) follow three main topics that are of interest to me (i.e. my hobbies): Writing (same stuff as before), Gaming (Computer/PS3/TableTop/LARP), and Art (my newest hobby being 3D modeling).

First, I don’t plan to stop writing. However, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, there comes a time when you are writing that you have to put it away. During those times I tend to focus on something completely different as a means of shifting gears so that I can tackle it later with a fresh prespective. Those other things I do are gaming and art.

I’ve actually been gaming since I was 10  (I’m 34 now), starting when my dad was stationed at Fort Irwin military base in the Mojave Desert of California. Never heard of it? Yeah, that’s because it is in the middle of the frakking desert with the nearest civilian town being more than an hour drive away. There was nothing to do in the middle of the desert but get in trouble and stay in doors from the heat. A friend of mine introduced me to D&D and I fell in love with it and never stopped playing. Being a gamer really transformed me into who I am today. Though I don’t play as much as I use to (due to kids, wife, job, writing, art), I still get my time in when I can and it helps that my wife is also a gamer.

As for art, I’ve dabbled with art since I was young, though I never put in enough effort to be really good at it, only passable. I tried drawing, photoshop, painting, and so on over the years and it wasn’t until I got into game modding that I discovered 3D modeling and fell in love with it. So I plan to use this blog to show my beginnings with 3D modeling and how I progress as I self teach myself how to use 3DS Max.

So all in all, welcome to the new blog and I hope you enjoy the main topics as well as other random geeky things that I run across that I find interesting.


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