Star Fighter 3d Model

This was a commission that I took over at the Star Wars Artist Guild (their link is on the right). The request was to take a Star Wars X-Wing fighter and a Hapan Miy’til fighter and merge them together to make a whole new fighter. Below is the progression of the work using 3ds Max.

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Building a Fantasy Horror Setting

eclipse banner

So one of the┬ábig reasons I started this blog was to kind of two fold. The first was to provide an outlet for the random writing thoughts that I have to inspire myself and others to be better. This, in theory, would allow me to network a little with other writers and generally introduce myself to the world of writing. The second was to be a place I could share information and updates on the novels that I’m working on. The little short stories are nice and all, but the meat and potatoes of what I write is my baby called The Night Reign Chronicles.

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