New Story Energy

For us writers, there comes a point when you sit down to write a new novel that you get all giddy with excitment.  New characters, new plots, and new ideas are dancing around in your head like a bag of magic jumping beans. It is a feeling not unlike gamers get when they unwrap the celophane from a new video game or when an artist is struck with inspiration and must create that picture on their chosen medium. This level of excitment and eagerness is what I call New Story Energy (NSE). It is a term I borrowered from the polyamoury world of New Relationship Energy (NRE) which is bascially the state of mind that you have when you start a new relationship and have a high level of energy and enthusasiam about it.

I find that NSE is somewhat important in the overall writing process. It provides the motivation and the energy to get through some of the tougher parts of putting together a story. Without it, your organization will suffer and that will only lead to poor story structure and writing. But most of us don’t have a problem with wanting to write, we are writers after all. It is our passion in life.

So why is NSE a desired thing? For me it gives me that extra push to make everything just right when designing my story/plot/characters. If I can make a truly great foundation for my story, it will sort of just write itself and I will be able to get more writing done in less time. NSE will also help with that pesky problem of finding time to write. When you have the motivation to write, you will find a way to carve out time to write without as many excuses. Consistent writing every day will help you ride out that NSE and squeeze it for every drop of energy it has to give you until you are suddenly half way down with your book and you think to yourself, “Hey, I can do this! It is all down hill from here!”

I bring this up as I was recently struck with inspiration to write a story based on a Japanese anime I had recently watched. The series was good and the manga that it is based off of was even better. At the core of this show was, to me at least, a very beautiful and touching story about the love between people and the hardships that it goes through when faced with adversity. I was so struck by it that I had to write my own story. Tweleve days later I had already passed 25,000 words.

The point, ultimately, is that if you are struck with inspiration to write, go and write! Immediately! Put that pen to paper and knock out as much work as you can! That fickle muse in the back of your mind may flee at any moment so milk her for all she’s worth. You might just come away with a story that you love because it comes from deep down in the soul.


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