The Hellcats Series

Looking for something new to read?
Do you like sci-fi?
Do you like space marines?
Do you like free?

If so, then I have a treat for you. I’ve decided to offer my military sci-fi novellas for everyone to read and enjoy (hopefully). The series focuses on a group of special forces marines named the Hellcats in the 26th century as they uncover a deadly secret that could devastate the known galaxy, try to stop a war from erupting between the Confederation and the religious militant human colonies of the Pegasus Republic, and warn humanity about the return of a deadly alien race that is looking for payback. It is action, suspense, mystery, horror, and intrigue all rolled into one.

This series of novellas is written for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) so a new book will be completed once a year to further their adventures. These stories will be free for everyone to read through my blog. The novella will be released a chapter at a time until finished. Once the entire novella has been released through the blog, I may put up a pdf file of the entire novella if people are interested.

The first novella is entitled Anathema and can be found up at the top menu under Story Circle. You can also follow the link here:

Please enjoy and please leave comments of what you liked or didn’t like.

-Lucas Clendenen

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