NaNoWriMo 2013

So I’ve been a bad person and haven’t updated this place in a month, but I had a good reason! National Novel Writing Month snuck up on me this year and I really didn’t clean up my plate of work before batting down the hatches and focusing on writing. With a novel hopefully going to print at the end of the year (Prince of the Dawn), the sequel’s first draft mostly done (Knight of Heaven), another series first draft going through its first round of edits (Battle Angels), as well as trying to edit and put up Anathema here on this site, I’ve been swamped and some things had to be put on hold.

But now NaNoWriMo 2013 is over. I wrote the beginnings of a novel called Tin Soldier, which is a cyberpunk novel. I’m not sure how long this novel will be, but 50,000 words into it, I am maybe just short of halfway done. My guess would be roughly 120,000 by the time it is done. But, since November is pretty much over, I have other projects that demand my attention more than Tin Soldiers. Hopefully I will get a chance to pick it up sometime next year, or maybe try and finish the novel with next years NaNoWriMo. We shall see.

In other news, I will get back to putting up chapters for Anathema next week. I should also have some more definitive news on the Prince of the Dawn release later in December. I may even have some news on Battle Angels for next year. Until then, I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

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