Doing a little housekeeping on the site today as some pages needing cleaning up. Some links needed updating for Prince of the Dawn as Amazon has finally put the paperback and kindle page up on their site. The menu on the right has been cleaned up a bit and I’ve added my Facebook page for easy access.

Now onto the important news that people want to know, where is Anathema? Well, sitting on my laptop waiting to be uploaded. The past two weeks have been busy and I just have not gotten around to it as of yet. So, as recompense, I will be putting up multiple chapters this week to get caught up to where I should be.

Anathema Chapter 8 is up

Another week, another chapter of Anathema! Check out Chapter 8 to see what happens next.

NaNoWriMo 2013

So I’ve been a bad person and haven’t updated this place in a month, but I had a good reason! National Novel Writing Month snuck up on me this year and I really didn’t clean up my plate of work before batting down the hatches and focusing on writing. With a novel hopefully going to print at the end of the year (Prince of the Dawn), the sequel’s first draft mostly done (Knight of Heaven), another series first draft going through its first round of edits (Battle Angels), as well as trying to edit and put up Anathema here on this site, I’ve been swamped and some things had to be put on hold.

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So things look a little different around here.  It has been a rough couple of months with the passing of my father to lung cancer and with that a reexamination of my life. I am so much more than writer and seeing that I am still in the stages of being a new fledgling writer, I have kind of run out of things to blog about. Why should this blog be so narrow focused? The short answer is that it shouldn’t! Long ago I embraced my geek inner self and I see no reason that I cannot put it on full display. Besides, if you know the author from aspects other than writing, you may gain a deeper insight as to how or why I write the way I do. It’s time to examine the geek side and embrace how awesome it is. The old high school stereotype couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m more than just a writer. I am a geek.

What use to be Chronicles of a Writer has now become Geekology.

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Dead Man Walking

Character death is a necessary evil that some writers try to avoid. Naturally, I’m not speaking to novels that don’t involve death in some fashion such as a romance novel or a coming of age story for a football player. I referring to novels that involve danger of some kind. Dangerous situations make a story exciting and offers a way to show how our character grows through adversity.

Danger is a classical and important device used in stories. It is exciting for the reader and, for me at least, fun as hell to write. There comes a point, however, when constant danger gets stale and the danger just becomes another part of the scenery. This happens when characters never die. No matter how much danger you throw at them, your main character and their friends survive it. It is a disservice to your reader, yourself, and your characters.

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Brave New World

So my name is Lucas Clendenen and I am an aspiring writer. Crazy hopeful dream right?

I’ve started this blog as a means of expressing my love of writing, to chronicle my journey from starry eyed hopeful writer to full blown published author, and as a means to interact with other writers and readers.

Feel free to check out my bio ( for a little blurb about myself, the man behind the words.

I hope you enjoy some of the stories and ideas that will be posted here and feel free to post comments as I love feedback.