Prince of the Dawn

potd cover

The Night Reign rules the land. 

Since the end of the Reunification War, the realm has been ruled by Emperor Ilius the Betrayer. So great is his power that he has blotted out the sun and shrouds the realm in continuous darkness. Plants have withered and hope has retreated into the shadows. The people have become nothing more than pawns and cattle to men with power and the creatures of the night.

Yet not all hope is left imprisoned within the night. The young prince Garion Pelus Ro II hides among his people in the countryside of the conquered kingdom of Calideer, waiting for his chance to reclaim his throne. When destiny forces the young price to take action, he must rally his people away from the shadows of oppression and into the light to fight for their freedom.

Prince of the Dawn is the first book in The Night Reign Chronicles series that tells the tale of a young man who finds himself on a journey to reclaim his kingdom. Along the way he must forge new friendships in order to survive the terrifying threats that dwell within the Night Reign. It is a tale of dark epic fantasy where the light is dimmed and the darkness spreads into the very souls of a man.

Released: 01/01/2014
Paperback (292 pages)
Can be found at: CreateSpace (paperback), Amazon (paperback & kindle)

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