New Story Energy

For us writers, there comes a point when you sit down to write a new novel that you get all giddy with excitment.  New characters, new plots, and new ideas are dancing around in your head like a bag of magic jumping beans. It is a feeling not unlike gamers get when they unwrap the celophane from a new video game or when an artist is struck with inspiration and must create that picture on their chosen medium. This level of excitment and eagerness is what I call New Story Energy (NSE). It is a term I borrowered from the polyamoury world of New Relationship Energy (NRE) which is bascially the state of mind that you have when you start a new relationship and have a high level of energy and enthusasiam about it.

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Rapier MK I

So for something new to this blog is my self teaching of 3ds Max. My first project is designing a Rapier Mk I starfighter from the Wing Commander series. I won’t go into boring details on how it was designed. Suffice to say this was about 6 hours of work total over the course of 5 days. Each pic shows the progress after one day.

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