Anathema Chapter 6 has arrived

And on to Chapter 6 of the Hellcat Series short novel: Anathema.


Lucas Clendenen

Anathema Chapter 5 is here

Anathema: Chapter 5 is here for your viewing pleasure!

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Anathema: Chapter 4 has arrived

Chapter 4 of my novel Anathema has been posted here.

Read! Enjoy! Comment!

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Anathema: Chapter 3 is here!

Another week, another chapter of Anathema for everyone to read here.

Any comments or feedback is certainly appreciated.

-Lucas Clendenen

Anathema Chapter 2 released!

The second chapter of Anathema has been posted. You can find it at the top menu under Novels > The Hellcat Series > Anathema

You could also click on this link.

Enjoy and leave comments!

-Lucas Clendenen

The Hellcats Series

Looking for something new to read?
Do you like sci-fi?
Do you like space marines?
Do you like free?

If so, then I have a treat for you. I’ve decided to offer my military sci-fi novellas for everyone to read and enjoy (hopefully). The series focuses on a group of special forces marines named the Hellcats in the 26th century as they uncover a deadly secret that could devastate the known galaxy, try to stop a war from erupting between the Confederation and the religious militant human colonies of the Pegasus Republic, and warn humanity about the return of a deadly alien race that is looking for payback. It is action, suspense, mystery, horror, and intrigue all rolled into one.

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Book Review: Valor’s Choice

valors choiceAuthor: Tanya Huff
Genre: Military Sci-Fi

Synopsis: SSG Torrin Kerr is a soldier in the Confederation, a galactic civilization of different races that have banded together to fight the mysterious race of creatures simply known as The Others. SSG Kerr and her soldiers have recently been assigned a diplomatic mission to impress an emerging spacefaring race of reptile-like creatures called the Silviss in hopes of bringing them into the Confederation. The diplomacy goes well until someone decides to shoot down Kerr’s transport in the middle of a game reserve filled with raging adolescent Silviss. Now it is a fight for survival on an unfamiliar planet.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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