Karamus Invinious

Karamus Invinious is a character that I played during an old DnD campaign with some friends of mine. He was one of the best character concepts I have come up with and was an absolute joy to play. During our campaign, the DM encouraged us to write character journals to recap the previous game as well as an roleplay opportunity to present your character’s inner monologue. Well, I couldn’t resist taking creative license with the idea and ran wild with it. Enjoy


0. Back History of Karamus Invinious

1. Into Hell’s Fire

2. Following the Light

3. Undying Sacrifice

4. New Directions

5. Feathered Goo Serpents

6. Veiled Threats

7. Better than Dead

8. The Brewing Storm

9. Assassin Convention

10. Headless Government

11. Application for Sainthood


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