History of Karamus Invinious

A knock at the door roused Lal’eslador from his bed. Glancing out the window to the spire he could see that is was very early in the morning for him. He then looked to his wall tapestry to determine the date. Even though he was still dazed from his deep slumber, he saw that it was not tax day. Unable to determine why someone would be at his door, he decided that it was just as good to start early for the day. He swung his two legs onto the floor and made his way over to the entry hall of his home. The man opened the door to find a large basket perched on his doorstep. Lal’eslador poked his head out farther, peering to the left and right to see if anyone was around. The streets were busy as normal for the City of Doors with street vendors, performers and exotics moving to and fro. Looking back down at the basket, Lal’eslador knelt down and removed the thin but opaque blanket covering the contents of the mysterious package. Within the basket were two babies, not more than a few days old and very much alike in appearance. Their eyes sought his and he stared in wonderment as their eyes changed color from black to blue as they smiled up at him. Lal’eslador blinked in amazement before picking up the basket and turned back to walk into the house as he spoke aloud to the woman rubbing her eyes from the bedroom door “Mor’eslida, you know how you said you always wanted kids?”

The twins held hands as they jumped from the ledge, falling the short distance to the ground. They hit the ground running and laughing as angry and obscene yelling exploded from the shop behind them. The two didn’t look back at the mess they had created, knowing full well that their actions had created pure chaos and they were happy with that. The pair ran down the street, dodging in and out of the crowds with practiced ease. It was always a race between the two of them, who could reach the safety of home first. This day it was Karamus who reached the steps of the front door first, his sister Karissa closely behind him. They laughed; they fought and took joy in the fact that the never sleeping city of Sigil was theirs for the taking. Stepping inside the house they found their father and mother speaking in quiet tones with a stranger in even stranger garb. Most notable was the mysterious tattoo of a dragon on the left side of his body which crept up beyond the collar of his tunic. The stranger offered the twins money, glory and fame to go with him to the place only known as the Shadow Academy. Though the twins were curious, their father forbid it and sent the man away. As he left, he whispered to the twins, “Be bound only by your heart’s desire.”

Every year the man returned to offer the Academy and every year Lal’eslador turned him down. Every year he would leave with his whispered words to the twins. As the years passed, the twins grew as did their zeal for life and adventure. Upon their 13th cycle of life, Karamus and Karissa raced through the streets just as they always had, laughing and fighting just as they always had and stepping inside their home just as they always had but to find their father and mother not as they always had. The house had been torn asunder and their parents slain, their blood soaking the wooden floor. The perfect world of the twins shattered that day and behind them was spoken a whisper, just as it always had. The stranger with his stranger garb and mysterious tattoo arrived at the house just as he always had and gave his offer just as he always had. The twins looked to him and in unison said “Yes.”

The twins raced through the streets once more though not with joy but with purpose. They navigated the crowd of people as easily as they had when they were children though now they are adults among adults were laughter is replaced by coin which is removed from the pockets of the undeserving. For years the twins trained and for years they endured hardship. To be of the Shadow, one must become shadow. As they reached the guild home, the mentor once a stranger, clapped his hands and spoke, “Upon this day you are no longer of the light. You are now shadow, between the light and the darkness.”

Karamus breathed heavily as he leaned against the wall, his bag clutched tightly against his side. He looked to Karissa as she leaned against the wall beside in near perfect stance as he brother. They were twins, right down to the dragon tattoo along their left side. Karamus peered around the wall to watch the lavish garden and the two dying bodies of overly observant guards. He then looked to their only means of escape, a portal, a doorway to another realm known only to the Shadow Academy. He looked to his sister, knowing well that if they left before the job was complete, they could never return, they would be forever on the run. She returned his look, accepting their fate with a smile. The twins ran for the portal, passing through onto the other side as the cries from the guards shouted out, “In the name of the Lady of Pain, stop!”

Karissa screamed in pain as she fell backwards. Blood flowed freely from her side, the wound was deep and life threatening. She looked to her brother who held his rapier at the ready against the foul demon covered in chains. Karamus struck with Daystar, severing several links of the chain which drove the demon deeper into frenzy. With its remaining chains, the demon lashed out, wrapping up Karamus tightly, Daystar falling to the ground. With its free hands, the demon took hold of Karissa by the neck and lifted her off the ground, Nightstar falling to the ground. The demon laughed in delight and spoke with a harsh, metallic voice, “The lord of Azlenar wishes a meeting my little pretty.”

Karamus walked down the hallway, the demonic guards to each side of him smelled of sulfur and death. This did not persuade him however from his quest. What did worry him was not having the Twin Star at his side. For a year he had carried the twin rapiers while in search for his sister and now that he had finally found her in the clutches of the Shadow Academy, he could not bring the Twin Star with him. It was the catalyst for this whole event. Karamus walked into the lavish hall of Lord Azlenar, a man he knew well. His mentor sat upon his chair holding the leash to his sister, dressed as a slave. He still wore the same garb and still had the tattoo from days past. Lord Azlenar spoke harshly of the twins actions and the money they had cost him for taking the Twin Star as their own. He spoke of the money he had to pay for the unfinished business he had arranged. He spoke of the requirements that he know placed upon his former pupils, “25,000 in gold and we are even once more.”

With the Shadow Academy now set loose upon the realm, Karamus set out upon his journey to pay his debt to his mentor and return his sister to his side once more. “Bound only by my heart’s desire.” He said as he left the hall.


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