Anathema Table of Contents

Anathema noun \ə-ˈna-thə-mə\ : the denunciation of something as accursed

Anathema Cover

Command Sergeant Major Anthony Gordon was your typical Confederate Special Forces marine; highly decorated and the ranking NCO of the famous 7th Special Operations Battalion, 1st platoon, 1st squad code name Hellcats. He fights to protect his beloved Terran Confederation from an enemy from commandos of the Pegasus Republic to the alien species known as the Talishar. At first, their next mission to a remote research space station at the edge of the Omega sector seemed routine; save some scientists from their own dumb luck. The universe, however, has a way of making routine and typical into chaos. When things turn out to not be as they seem on the station, Sergeant Major Gordon must use every ounce of his training to try and keep his men alive as they fight their way through a new terror unleashed upon the galaxy. If he cannot survive the encounter, his beloved Confederation is at risk from this new breed of horror.

Chapter 1: FUBAR

Chapter 2: Only the Best
Chapter 3: One More Before We Go
Chapter 4: Down Range
Chapter 5: Locked and Loaded
Chapter 6: Into the Breach
Chapter 7: We are not Alone
Chapter 8: Here There Be Dragons
Chapter 9: No Longer Human
Chapter 10: Lemmings
Chapter 11: Man Down
Chapter 12: Playing God
Chapter 13: To Young to Die
Chapter 14: Friendly Fire
Chapter 15: Wavering Faith
Chapter 16: Race to Extraction
Chapter 17: Dragonslayer
Chapter 18: Last Stand
Chapter 19: Nuke’em
Chapter 20: To the Stars We Sail

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